Sunday, March 04, 2007

Review of 'Subterranean Radio Songs' in Island 107
"This is an impressive collection, a first-hand glimpse of other countries, other lives. ...

"The culminating poem in the first section, "Under Westgate", is a tour de force where rhythm builds the momentum of a breakneck departure from Melbourne, from a broken relationship through a disintergrating relationship.

"In [the second section], the style becomes more cinematic, with its rapid pace and accuracy of observation (Hemingway and Kerouac come to mind). There's spontaneity and freshness in evocative images. ... The discovery of new places triggers rediscovery of places deeper in the psyche. ...

"This is raw, unrefined narrative poetry, demotic, energetic and ultimately optimistic. It has strong rhythm, some fine imagery, ironic objectivity; above all, it is first-hand and unpretentious. It's poetry in primary colours." - Janet Upcher

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