Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another reviewed in Compulsive Reader

My first novel, Another, which was recently reprinted and is now available internationally through Amazon, has just been reviewed by Compulsive Reader:

"Like its striking cover, Joel Deane’s Another is a book that pulls hard and instantly on its reader. Pick it up and start flipping through the pages, and you’re suddenly drawn into the intense intimacy of its narrative. Don’t fight it. This is an important novel and worth sacrificing a few meals for. It draws a very soft line between poetry and prose, blurring the timeframe between past, present and future, and taking us as deep below his character’s skin as it is possible." - Magdalena Ball, Compulsive Reader

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Christine Langtree said...

Hi Joel,

Book of Numbers is a great poem - it relates uncannily to some stuff I have going on in my life at the moment.

Great to hear that Another has been reprinted - a great book. I really did love it.

Hope things are going well in general for you.

christine langtree said...

Hey again,

Thought you should know that neither of your work email addies are working at the mo - got an out of the office notification on one with another address to send to - but the other address just told me that you no longer exist!

That's politics for you.

Here is the email I tried to mail to you - feel free to delete this comment then ...

I just got your out of the office email thingummyjiggy. Till 25th June huh?

Plenty of time to write the essay then!!!

(God, I'm relentless)

-----Original Message-----
From: christine langtree
Sent: Thursday, 31 May 2007
To: 'Joel Deane'
Subject: RE: blog

Hey there - was surprised to hear from you so soon - you are obviously much more committed to your blog than I am to my various and utterly untended web sites!

Fantastic on the new book - can't wait to read it. Would be even better if I didn't have to wait for publication - hint hint.

Our collection of essays has found a home at Allen & Unwin. They want the manuscript by July 1st so you still have 2 weeks if you want to submit anything!!!! Seriously - 65 000 in 6 weeks. 3-5000 in 2 weeks - pah! It's nothing! It has morphed into a completely anonymous collection with not even the publishers knowing who the contributors are
- just Kylie and me. We need guy stories!!! Come on - I'm begging you - just one little story!!!!

Ok - kidding.

And by the way - happy birthday.