Monday, November 05, 2007

Picture: Joel Deane

New poems

Some new poems of mine have been posted online.

Island has published Archimedes Principle, and Jacket has published Tuk-tuk. Both are from my second collection of poetry, Magisterium, which will be published shortly by Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Another publisher, Picaro Press, has agreed to publish a chapbook of assorted uncollected poems, which will be published in the next month of two.

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Liza said...

Another is a ride into a brutal suburbia that you flinch from but can't put down. I really loved how you juxtaposed the rawness of the landscape with Toby and Suzie's reckless juggernaut.

Tuk Tuk pounds out and reads audibly. I enjoyed the imagery that blows you off the page and back again, like the billboard that must be looked at and makes you wonder what is reflected.

Congratulations Joel and happy birthday I wish I was there. LD