Monday, May 18, 2009

Cordite review of Magisterium

"Magisterium is the second collection by Joel Deane, following on from his debut collection Subterranean Radio Songs and his debut novel Another. In an interview with Cordite in 2006, when asked about the interplay between his work as speechwriter for the Premier of Victoria and his other life as a poet, Deane cited American poet Eleanor Wilner, who said of poets that, “We need to take back the rhetorical high ground from the politicians who degrade it”. Deane went on express the hope that the poems contained in his next book might approach “the kind of apocalyptic public language” hinted at by Wilner. Such ambitions can sound a little lofty, but Magisterium would seem to be a successful achievement of that goal." - Adam Ford, Cordite

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